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Untap Excellence

We understand that the wrong approach to improving your business can result in over-engineered processes, high-cost solutions, bureaucracy, and stagnation.  That's why our simple, pragmatic approach is tailored to ensure the lightest touch in helping you achieve your objectives.


As a growth-driven leader, you are committed to achieving ambitious goals and meeting high expectations. Your business is poised for success, but you may face challenges balancing product development, team performance, and customer satisfaction on the path to growth. Whether it's how to capitalize on a new revenue opportunity, inconsistent delivery, difficulties in problem-solving or scaling to meet customer demands, these common issues can put pressure on you to find quick and effective solutions or risk stalling your progress.

Our high-impact consultation helps you avoid the pitfalls of over-engineered, costly approaches that can lead to bureaucracy, employee turnover, customer churn, and revenue stagnation. We will help you identify where to begin, and develop a tailored plan for prioritizing and addressing your business challenges efficiently and effectively.


Improvement Workshops

Our intensive workshop offers a comprehensive platform and framework for addressing the unique challenges and pressures faced by high-growth businesses.  Our expert-led sessions empower your team with insights from the psychology of human performance and best practices in operational design, drawing on the latest in Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Agile methodologies.

Dynamic training segments, followed by practical exercises and working sessions help your team identify and design results-driven business improvements. These hands-on activities ensure that participants can apply their newfound knowledge directly to your company's needs, while embracing the power of simplicity for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Upon completing the workshop, your team will walk away with a strategic vision and actionable plan to enhance business and team performance by 50% or more, utilizing the strength of pragmatic and straightforward solutions.


Operational Talent Development

As businesses prepare for the next level of growth, they often encounter challenges in finding the right operational talent to lead the way. Structured as either group training or individualized one-to-one coaching, our Radically Simple Leadership Development program is designed to transform your most promising operational talent into skilled leaders who can navigate your company's expansion and growth.

This comprehensive program equips participants with essential knowledge about the psychology and human dynamics of change, as well as best practices in Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Agile methodologies for technology and digital services businesses.

By embracing a simple and pragmatic approach, your team will learn to embed a continuous improvement philosophy and best practices into your business.


Operational Design and Standup

As your business experiences rapid growth, you may find the need to establish a centralized operational team, such as an operational center of excellence, a business transformation team, or a project management office (PMO). Although certain operational principles apply universally, it's crucial to tailor the structure and function of your operational teams to meet your company's unique needs. Failing to do so can lead to costly structures with limited impact on your organization's growth and performance.

We help businesses set up the right operational capabilities to support their expanding needs and boost performance without adding unnecessary layers of complexity. With a pragmatic, customized approach, we ensure your operational team can execute with simplicity, while making a significant impact on your business.  


Fractional Operational Leadership

Growing businesses often need ongoing support as they build and expand their businesses.  Designed for companies seeking to optimize their operational processes without the full-time commitment of an executive, this flexible solution provides you with access to an experienced operations leader on a part-time basis.

Working closely with your team, our expert will help develop and implement data-driven strategies to optimize efficiency, productivity, and profitability, identify and address operational challenges, drive continuous improvement and foster a culture of innovation, while mentoring and developing your talent to ensure the sustainability of results.

We help good companies with great people accomplish extraordinary things.

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